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Research Assistance & Support

Service: Research Assistance & Support

** Note: This service is not just a 60 minute call, but has multiple deliverables as highlighted below:

Who is this service for?: Experienced professionals and stakeholders interested in drafting research works, conducting secondary or primary research, or wanting to produce any kind of academic or professional research piece.

The service includes-

Research ideation:

  • Brainstorming sessions to identify potential research topics, research questions, and hypotheses.
  • Development of a research plan that outlines the research methodology, data collection, and analysis methods.

Writing support:

  • Assistance with drafting, revising, and editing your research paper.
  • Help with structuring your paper and ensuring that it is organised, concise, and effectively communicates your research findings.

Citations review and support:

  • Ensuring that your paper adheres to the appropriate citation style guidelines.
  • Review of your references to ensure that they are properly formatted.
  • Assistance with citing sources that may be difficult to locate.

Publication support:

  • Assistance with submitting your research paper to relevant academic or professional publications.
  • Identification of appropriate publications and review of submission requirements.
  • Guidance on how to make your research paper stand out in a competitive field.

This service has subjective pricing: What that means is; if you do not require the full service and just a few elements of it, the pricing can be customised to your particular requirements. Reach out to me for more details.



It was an amazing 1:1 session with Vardaan. The dedication with which he worked on my CV was commendable. Thankyou for all your time and efforts!

Mariam Khan

The environment, from the beginning was warm and I felt quite comfortable in expressing my questions and doubts. It was informative from the starting point, and customised to what I needed. An amazingly informative and value driven session all in all!

Vaibhavi Bhardwaj

Vardaan is extremely well informed, his knowledge on the subject is great. He patiently listens and solves all queries. He gives a real picture of what is out there and is eager to help.

Shivi Singh

A month into my job search, I had started feeling slightly demotivated and hadn't really figured out how to leverage my current experience. However, during the session, you provided me with a fresh perspective, gave me valuable input and offered necessary assistance. It was definitely an insightful conversation, looking forward to more sessions. Thanks a lot!