2 x Expert Career Strategy [Quick Call]
30mins per session
2 x Full LinkedIn/Instagram Growth Strategy
120mins per session
2 x Full CV Review
60mins per session
3 x Video Meeting - 60 mins
60mins per session

End-to-end networking guidance for individuals seeking to secure any kind of career opportunity is a service that provides comprehensive support to help build and maintain your professional network. This service includes a range of activities and resources designed to help you identify jobs and opportunities, connect with relevant professionals and organisations, and effectively communicate your skills and experience.

The service typically begins with an initial consultation to assess the your career goals and networking needs. Based on this assessment, I will work with you to develop a personalized networking strategy that includes:

  1. Identifying target companies or industries: I will work with you to identify companies or industries that align with your career goals and help you develop a list of potential contacts within those organizations.
  2. Building a professional online presence: I will help you establish a professional online presence by optimising your social media profiles, creating a personal website or blog, and developing a professional email signature.
  3. Networking events and conferences: I will identify relevant networking events and conferences that you can attend to meet other professionals in their field and make new connections.
  4. Networking best practices: I will provide guidance on best practices for networking, including how to initiate and maintain professional relationships, how to follow up after meetings and events, and how to leverage social media and other online tools to build connections.

Overall, the end-to-end networking guidance service is designed to help individuals build and maintain a strong professional network, which can be critical in securing job opportunities and advancing their careers.

This support is valid for a duration of 3 Months.