Mohamed Sayed

Verification and Validation (V&V) in CFD

Are you striving for reliable and accurate Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations? Do you want to ensure that your CFD models reflect the real-world behavior of fluid flow? No panic you are in the right place :) I am happy to offer you a 1:1 session focused on Verification and Validation (V&V) in CFD, where we will dive deep into the intricacies of your simulations.

In the realm of CFD, accurate results are paramount. Whether you are an engineer, researcher, or designer, the credibility of your CFD simulations directly impacts the quality and reliability of your work. That's why V&V plays a crucial role in the CFD process. It involves assessing the accuracy and reliability of simulation models by comparing them to experimental or analytical data.

In our personalized V&V session, I bring my expertise in real-world industry applications to ensure you receive the most comprehensive analysis. Here's what you can expect:

  1. In-Depth Analysis: I will meticulously analyze your CFD simulations, examining their performance against established benchmarks, experimental data, or analytical solutions (when available). By scrutinizing factors such as grid convergence, sensitivity analysis, and code verification, I will assess the accuracy and reliability of your simulations.
  2. Identification of Errors and Limitations: Through a detailed examination, I will identify potential errors, limitations, or discrepancies within your CFD models. This critical evaluation enables us to uncover areas that require improvement, refine boundary conditions, or adjust numerical schemes to enhance the accuracy of your simulations.
  3. Customized Recommendations: Drawing from my experience and expertise, I will provide you with customized recommendations to refine your CFD models and ensure accurate results. These recommendations may include suggestions for model selection, turbulence modeling, mesh refinement, convergence criteria, and post-processing techniques, among others.
  4. Best Practices and Advanced Techniques: I will share best practices and advanced techniques to enhance the reliability and accuracy of your CFD simulations. Leveraging my extensive knowledge in turbulence modeling and experience in the F1 industry, I will equip you with the right tools and strategies to achieve precise and trustworthy results.
  5. Confidence in Your CFD Simulations: By engaging in a personalized V&V session, you will gain confidence in the accuracy and reliability of your CFD simulations. This will not only enhance the credibility of your work but also enable you to make informed engineering decisions, optimize designs, and meet project objectives with greater certainty.

To schedule your personalized V&V in a CFD session and unlock the full potential of your simulations, simply choose a suitable time for you and press "confirm details". It would be useful if you can upload a small abstract describing your problem configuration.

I am excited to collaborate with you soon!


Enea Baumann

Mo is a very skilled and competent CFD expert. He has the ability to make complex concepts comprehensible with a great deal of empathy. Mo appeared very prepared to the meeting and helped me to fix the problems with my OpenFoam code. Thanks a lot Mo!

Babar Hussain Shah

The initial session of T-flow was highly impressive, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Mohamed's explanation was exceptional, and he made everything easy to understand. The session progressed smoothly as all of us started with zero knowledge about T-flow, but now we have reached a point where we can engage in discussions and confidently talk about various topics of CFD.


Mohamed, it was a very interesting session. It was very helpful and amazing, you have very convincing and smooth teaching skills.Reaaly appreciate your work thanks. Ramy

Abdulrahman Elazazi Mohamed Salem

The way you simplify the information and your keen to the CFD and that you provide us with in-depth details and answering all our questions. The session was really interactive and the break gives us the opportunity to keep focusing on the content ❤️ Thanks a lot Dr. Mohamed

Saima Khan

The session was good. I got to have some very insightful discussion about my problem and things that I need to consider for my problem. Mohamed listened to my problem very carefully and provided answers to my questions as well.

Ali Mohamed Abdelrahim Ali

I had a call with Mohamed over the course of careers in F1 and his knowledge about the F1 industry is insightful. I do recommend Mohamed for careers consultancy or questions related to that matter

Mehrdad Kiani Oshtorjani

What I loved most about the session was that I found someone very similar to myself in terms of being energetic, thoughtful, and enjoying helping others. Moreover, sharing about your experiences was really precious. However, thirty minutes was not enough; I will reach out to you more in the near future.