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Hello, My name is Manoj ( LinkedIn profile )

I have a decade of experience in frontend web development and I went through a series of ups and downs in my career to reach this state I am today and I have covered all of it in this kit. This will help any front-end engineer to boost their career ( using my experience ) and you will learn from my experience. It is the best thing to do.

It took me almost 10 years to populate the contents of this interview kit. The lessons and problems I have solved to get selected in multiple interviews ( Including Walmart, PayPal, JP Morgan, Tesco, Oracle, Cerner & GE ) and the teachings I obtained when I failed in multiple interviews ( Including Google, Facebook, Amazon, & Microsoft ), all are covered in this kit.

This kit is applicable for junior to senior software engineers and those who are looking for a promotion / higher-level role. At some point, you will be assessed for your system design skills. So it is crucial to know what is the acceptance criteria. This will help you prepare better and increase your chances of clearing the round. You will also learn JavaScript and practice interview coding rounds as well.

In this Interview kit:

  1. I'll give you lifetime access to my 30+ hours Udemy course bundle containing: JavaScript Bootcamp (4+ hrs), TypeScript Bootcamp (3+ hrs), Frontend System design (5+ hrs), React - Redux workshop (3+ hrs), Chrome dev tools (2+ hrs), 164 articles (5+ hrs), Career guidance videos (3+ hrs), Project source code & snippets, 57 downloadable resources, 2 practice tests, Assignments, Algorithms, Interview questions, solutions, Bonus eBook, lectures & a Certificate of completion. I will give you guidance on improving your productivity and many office life hacks so that you do the right things in your software development career and to help you progress in the Individual contributor career ladder.
  2. I will give you my personal CV which got shortlisted in 35+ companies for your reference and also many resume-building tips.
  3. I will give you the format of the cover letter I use to send to the Hiring managers / HRs. This format is very professional and has helped me to get attention from recruiters.
  4. I'll send you my personal bootstrap reference code repository .zip folder containing hundreds of code snippets and configurations.
  5. I will endorse your skills on LinkedIn to give it a boost when recruiters search for matching candidates.
  6. ​I have gone through CTC negotiations with 25+ product companies. I will give you tips and techniques for getting the best salary offer during your HR round.
  7. ​I have got multiple promotions in my career and I'll give you my personal tips on how to get promoted to a Lead Software Engineer soon in your career.
  8. ​I'll give you my personal tips on properly doing self-appraisal during your annual performance review. This is important because you should get paid what you deserve.
  9. I'll give you important frontend system design round interview questions that are asked in top product companies.
  10. Once you get a new job offer, you shouldn't blindly apply for resignation. So I will tell you a formal beneficial way to consider your financial goals while resigning. I'll show you the email.
  11. Understand the interviewer’s expectations in a technical coding round and answer the right way with an approach that I will tell you.
  12. Frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help you navigate challenges in your career.

All the future materials that I will add to this interview pack will be available for free. It is a 1-time purchase. Whenever I add more materials, I will post an update on LinkedIn.

After completing this kit, you will be 100% prepared to face and crack your next front-end interview. Now that's a bold statement but these are the materials I prepared to crack interviews in my career.

All the best,

Manoj - LinkedIn profile