Digital product

My new e-book The Art of Presenting Copy: A guide for Copywriters is all about teaching how copywriters can present their work in a more visually appealing way, so the design is easier on the eyes, and your words get a chance to win some hearts and bag some offers.

You do not need to know design to present your work with this e-book.

The e-book has:

  • Introduction
  • Include your personality in your portfolio
  • How to choose your best work
  • Making your work visual - ads, social media, campaigns, emails, landing page, blogs, websites
  • Platforms for portfolio - Canva, Behance, Fueler
  • How to navigate the platforms
  • What all should you add in your portfolio
  • Seeking permission
  • Seeking feedback
  • Font combinations you can use
  • Sample portfolios

Enjoy reading, and don't forget to tell me what you think about it.