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Assess my cyber issue: career, audit, training...
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The cases I used to support:

  • Audit, Pentest, Training: my company is looking for a support
  • I don't know where to start in cybersecurity job. Time for shifting ?
  • CTI, SOC, OSINT, Cryptography, Endpoint, Risk management, Incident response: help me to understand Infosec Innovation
  • I have a cyber startup idea, what I should I next ?

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Yoon Lee

I came to Mr. Provenzano to seek advice regarding starting out in the cybersecurity field. His advice was invaluable: I now have a clear understanding of what a cybersecurity professional is expected to know, what skills are essential, and what sort of career path I should pursue for the future.

Joshua Anthony

Fantastic understanding of the industry, and truly able to help guide, me and my organization, on the right path to commercializing our CyberSec solutions within the global markets.

Nithish Kumar

He was so insightful and helping in what is needed exactly, explaining about things in more detailed way in step by step process on what need to be done.


Julien's years of experience gives him a deep insight into a candidates profile. During our meeting, he critically analysed my career plan and provided crucial suggestions on how to best progress along the way. Furthermore, not only he was able to identify my focus areas, he was also able to find opportunities that align with my interests.