About me

I'm a Software engineer, with over 15 years of experience in the software industry and a great passion for everything related to software development on a variety of projects. I am always looking to enhance my skills and implement the best (soft and technical) practices, and involve the whole team in the Quality of our products/services through the approach “Agile Testing for the Whole Team”. I've been a Software Engineer in Test for the last 6 years, skilled in creating test plans and strategies, analyzing user requirements and technical specifications as well as designing, coding, and executing tests (manual and automated), and leading teams. I bring a wealth of experience, a commitment to excellence, and a deep understanding of Agile methodologies to ensure the highest quality standards are met throughout the development process. I have held other roles as web developer (Javascript is my main stack), technical lead, and scrum master/project manager, which has given me the opportunity to be involved with all phases of the software development life cycle and gain expertise in testing. By collaborating closely with product teams and developers, I consistently deliver exceptional software solutions and I can help you to thrive: - Creating your own path towards becoming more successful (continuous career development). - Enhance your skills and implement cutting-edge practices. - Seeking the right job opportunities. - Become employable (portfolio, linkedIn, interview preparation). - Providing much more value to your teams and projects. - Get the highest financial rewards for your skills and knowledge. I have experience mentoring in Venezolanas In Tech, and I designed the mentorship program in Under Test (the largest testing community in Latam). I share my knowledge and experience in my blog https://iterative.me and in the testing community Under Test. This mentorship is for you if you: - Want to start a career in software testing. - Want to skyrocket your career (you are a tester -manual or automation-). - Want to get better jobs and better compensation for your skills. - Want to become a valuable team member providing even more value to your teams and projects. - Want to collaborate closely with product teams and developers, and consistently deliver exceptional software solutions.