Imran Khushal

1:1 Consulting

Book a 60-minute consultation with me. 

You can ask me for feedback and direction on building your personal brand, copywriting and designing for social media, building authority, and thought leadership.

You can ask me to:

✅ Brainstorm with you

✅ Analyze your 'about me'

✅ Consult on your brand strategy

✅ Advise you on your content strategy

✅ Guide you to build/monetize your audience

Some people ask me how they can help their clients on LinkedIn; some ask how they can create carousels. 

You can ask me about branding, marketing, content, LinkedIn, and business, I'll be happy to help.

A 1:1 consultation is about you getting the benefit of my experience and knowledge. That means I won't write or design for you, but I'll guide you — what to do and how to do it.  

I only do 5 1:1s a month, so space is limited. If you wanna talk soon, don't wait. It's first come, first served. 

Book now.