About me

I kind of hold two useless degrees (BTech and MSc) both in computer science yet most of the things I learnt that buys me beers is through the internet. In the ever-evolving world of tech start-ups, I've found my niche in producing high-quality work rapidly, making me a valuable asset for early-stage ventures. My ability to quickly grasp and apply new concepts contributes to my efficiency. Though I'm comfortable navigating various technology stacks, my stronghold lies within front-end development. I specialize in architecting and crafting clean, maintainable front-ends that ensure a seamless user experience. My code blends functionality and aesthetics, mirroring the user interfaces I create. The tech stack where I have *professional-work* experience: Programming Languages: TypeScript, JavaScript, Python. Front-end: React, Redux, React Query, TailwindCSS, CSS/SCSS, HTML. Special Libraries: Firepad, Socket.IO, YJS, FFMPEG. Back-end: Node.js. Full-stack: Next.js. APIs: REST, GraphQL, WebSocket. Database: Firebase, MongoDB. Development Tools: Git, Jira. The tech stack I can also work with: Mobile: React Native. Testing: Jest, React Testing Library (RTL). Development Tools: Notion. Currently Learning: Front-end: Svelte. I am always open to learning and working with new technologies, especially those with comprehensive documentation. I love working on various projects to expand my skills and solve problems. Here are a couple of personal projects that I'm proud of: Pages From My Diary: An online diary and a space for self-expression. (https://www.pagesfrommydiary.com/). Etumologia: A unique word game to challenge your linguistic skills. (https://www.etumologia.iamyhr.com/) When I'm not coding, you can find me learning new technologies, helping fellow developers, and contributing to online tech communities. Here are a few platforms where you can catch me: Stack Overflow: I enjoy helping others solve their coding dilemmas. (https://stackoverflow.com/users/13760612/yhr) Front-end Masters: I'm always striving to deepen my knowledge in software development. (https://frontendmasters.com/u/iamYHR/). I am also a writer and a nature-based photographer. You'll find the links to the photographs and writings on my website.