Guin White

Mental Mastery Audit [Discover Your Saboteurs]

As a high-achieving introvert in a leadership role...

you know the unique challenges of harnessing your best while navigating a world that often celebrates the loud and extroverted.

The voices of self-doubt, anxiety, and inner criticism can be deafening, sabotaging your performance and holding you back from realizing your full potential.

But what if you could silence those inner saboteurs for good? Imagine having a clear, focused mindset that allows your natural strengths as an introvert to shine through - deep thinking, thoughtful decision-making, and the ability to lead with quiet confidence.

Introducing the Mental Mastery Audit - a transformative $250 service designed exclusively for the introverted leader like you. Through an in-depth assessment of your unique psychological patterns, we'll uncover the root causes of your self-sabotaging thoughts and emotions. Then, we'll equip you with powerful mindset strategies from the cutting-edge field of Positive Intelligence™.

In just one session, you'll gain three tailored, easy-to-implement techniques to neutralize your saboteurs and experience a newfound sense of clarity, calm, and alignment with your most ambitious goals. Whether you're striving for career advancement, team leadership, or personal growth, unlocking your mental mastery is the key to unlocking your quiet influence.

Invest in yourself today and step into the focused, purposeful leadership you were born for. Your time to shine brightly while honoring your introverted strengths is here.

How We Self Sabotage

Saboteurs are the voices in your head that generate negative emotions in the way you handle life’s everyday challenges. They represent automated patterns in your mind for how to think, feel, and respond. They cause all of your stress, anxiety, self-doubt, frustration, restlessness, and unhappiness. They sabotage your performance, well-being, and relationships.

The Audit

I will debrief you on your Saboteur assessment (link below) and walk you through applying the Positive Intelligence (PQ) to the specific circumstance or challenge you are currently experiencing.

The Result

You'll come away with 3 quick and easy-to-implement strategies to tame your Saboteurs so that you can finally experience the clarity, peace and freedom from those nagging inner voices and be able take the aligned actions towards your most important goals!

"Quietly Influential" Podcast Promotion🎙

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  1. Complete the Positive Intelligence (PQ) Saboteur Assessment 
  2. Share the results with me 🥂



I had the opportunity to have a session with Guin White, and it was a transformative experience for me. During our coaching session, Guin helped me realize the importance of highlighting my soft skills and authentic self to stand out in a competitive job market. She provided actionable strategies, including tailoring my resume to emphasize my unique qualities. Guin's emphasis on presenting myself confidently, while also showcasing my international perspective, has significantly boosted my confidence in networking and interviews. Her genuine support and willingness to advocate for me have been incredibly motivating. Thanks to Guin's expertise and encouragement, I now feel more equipped to tackle the job search process with determination and optimism. I highly recommend Guin to anyone seeking transformative coaching to unlock their full potential.

Beth Little

I cannot recommend Guin as a leadership coach highly enough! Under her guidance, I've experienced a profound shift in both my professional and personal life. Through her expertise, I've deepened positive and emotional intelligence, allowing me to navigate challenges with clarity and resilience. Her support in establishing sustainable routine habits has been transformative, enabling me to maintain a healthy mindset even amidst adversity. One of the most impactful aspects of her coaching was her incorporation of human design, which helped me understand my authentic self on a deeper level. By unlocking my unique potential and embracing my authentic leadership style, I've been able to lead with confidence and authenticity. Thanks to her guidance, I now approach work and life challenges with a newfound sense of empowerment and purpose. Working with Guin has truly been a game-changer!

Sue Janzen

Guin has a special gift! She is insightful and knowledgeable and I love working with her!

Sarah Bridges

The tips in your guide took the pressure off and gave me the confidence to actually make calls and the clarity to know what to say 🙏🏼

Mylene Hendrick

I had one of my biggest "ahas" attending Guin's "Meaning Fusion: Unveiling Peak Experiences" workshop on setting meaningful goals! Her storytelling, integration of multiple concepts, and gentle guidance supported each participant in leaning into our emotional connections from a multi-sensory experience, helping us remember each of our "whys." Setting goals that aligned with our "whys" was simpler, with practical and bite-sized strategies to achieve them. Thank you, Guin, for the enlightening experience. It was an honor to learn from you.

Trish Francetich

I recently watched Guin White's 'Designing Destiny' masterclass series on Human Design and found it tremendously valuable. As an introvert and Generator, I appreciated Guin's perspective and insights about following the Universe's signs like 'breadcrumbs' as an abundance strategy if it feels good and aligned. The bite-sized format made the content easy to watch and digest on my schedule. I walked away with a deeper understanding of Human Design overall and practical tips for my archetype to help me make decisions aligned with my true self. Guin also provided the masterclass slides as a PDF and an Alignment Game Plan Guide, which I loved! If you want to dive into Human Design with a knowledgeable guide, I highly recommend Guin's HD masterclass. Thank you, Guin!


Guin, was easy to talk with, she understood where I was coming from and was very encouraging. I really learned alot from our session. I started right away to put her advice to work.


Guin gave me a fantastic HD reading! She answered every question thoroughly and was extremely patient. The reading was inspiring and dead-on. I loved STARR (stop, trust, accept/allow, receive, respond). I look forward to staying in touch w Guin and hopefully working with her more.