Guin White

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🚀Unlock your potential and discover the path to personal and professional growth with a complimentary 45-minute clarity session designed to empower and inspire you.

This personalized session will provide you with insights, strategies, and actionable steps to overcome challenges and align your goals with your unique strengths. It's a transformative experience tailored to your individual needs. ✨

**Who is this for**

  • Introverted leaders seeking to leverage their unique qualities for success.
  • Individuals struggling with self-confidence, self-doubt, or feeling undervalued in their personal or professional life.
  • Those feeling stuck in their career or personal development and in need of guidance and direction.

**What you'll get out of this Clarity Session**

  • Personalized strategies to harness your introverted strengths and thrive.
  • Actionable steps to overcome specific challenges and align your goals.
  • A renewed sense of purpose, confidence, and direction in your personal and professional life.

**What People Are Saying**

**What will be covered**

  • Identifying your unique strengths and how to leverage them
  • Addressing specific challenges and creating actionable strategies
  • Aligning your personal and professional goals with your core values

**About Your Guide, Guin**

  • Empowerment and transformation coach for introverts, particularly underrepresented introverts in high-stakes industries.
  • Co-founder of the AI Coach Connection, with expertise and extensive training in Quantum Human Design and Positive Intelligence coaching.


What should I know before booking?

Please come prepared with specific challenges or goals you'd like to address. This session is conducted via Zoom or Google Meet.

What is the cancellation policy?

As this is a complimentary session, there's no refund policy. However, please provide at least 24 hours' notice if you need to reschedule.


Luis A Guzman

Guin was open, approachable, and a great listener. Her advice was very understandable and actionable. Thanks Guin !!

Trish Francetich

I recently watched Guin White's 'Designing Destiny' masterclass series on Human Design and found it tremendously valuable. As an introvert and Generator, I appreciated Guin's perspective and insights about following the Universe's signs like 'breadcrumbs' as an abundance strategy if it feels good and aligned. The bite-sized format made the content easy to watch and digest on my schedule. I walked away with a deeper understanding of Human Design overall and practical tips for my archetype to help me make decisions aligned with my true self. Guin also provided the masterclass slides as a PDF and an Alignment Game Plan Guide, which I loved! If you want to dive into Human Design with a knowledgeable guide, I highly recommend Guin's HD masterclass. Thank you, Guin!


Guin, was easy to talk with, she understood where I was coming from and was very encouraging. I really learned alot from our session. I started right away to put her advice to work.


Guin gave me a fantastic HD reading! She answered every question thoroughly and was extremely patient. The reading was inspiring and dead-on. I loved STARR (stop, trust, accept/allow, receive, respond). I look forward to staying in touch w Guin and hopefully working with her more.