Sascha Markovic

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Are you looking for the best immigration route to Germany?

Or are you one step ahead and need professional guidance to manage the immigration process yourself?

Don’t waste time researching everything on your own just to end up with conflicting information. By booking this consultation, you ensure that you make well-informed decisions from the very beginning of your immigration journey to Germany.

👉 Explore your immigration options and employment prospects in Germany.

👉 Get a clear understanding of your specific immigration process and answers to any related questions.

The Consultation includes:

  • Preparation time before our session
  • 30-minute online session on any immigration-related topic (Google Meet)
  • Review of applications for visas, residence permits, and recognition of degrees
  • Research of information
  • Follow-up email after our session with relevant resources and contacts

Refund and rescheduling: Once a consultation is paid, there are no refunds, since I will start preparing for it as soon as I receive your payment. You can reschedule free of charge no later than 12 hours before the appointment by using the link in the event invitation or sending an email. If you reschedule less than 12 hours in advance, a 50% fee will be applied when you schedule the new time. If you fail to show up for your consultation within the first 15 minutes, the session will be canceled, resulting in a 100% fee. For more information see the General terms and conditions of business.

Please note: My services do not constitute or replace legal advice. If you need legal advice, I can recommend licensed German lawyers.


Ana Luisa Gallegos Ayala

Sascha was amazing, I was very concern about my residence permit but he solved all my doubts and give me all the necessary information to continue with my process. I'm very grateful

Brittany Mincher

Sascha was very informative and was able to not only answer all of my questions but also gave a well-informed opinion about what our next steps should be. He was able to effectively communicate how to navigate many of the different visas. Even though he wasn't able to help us find a job due to our field of work, he was more than willing to direct us toward resources that would be more helpful. This consultation was incredibly valuable and I would recommend it to anyone looking to learn more about moving to Germany.


It was really good to have this conversation. Sascha brought lots of different options specifically for my case and was really clear in his way of explaining everything. I´m really thankful.

Alison Reynolds

Sascha was extremely helpful and knowledgeable! He answered all of my questions and was prepared for all topics regarding my situation with moving to Germany from the US.

Munkhtur Otgonbayar

I liked that he also gave me his opinion on what he thinks would be the best option. A lot of people only provide factual information and leave it to us to decide what is best.

Ismail Ghallou

It was really a nice and an insightful conversation, not only I got my questions answered but Sascha followed up via email sending me the links I need to keep an eye on

Elizabeth Langdon

Sascha was extremely knowledgeable and provided information that could not be found online. He is a true expert! He was friendly and willing to talk through different options and scenarios tailored to my unique situation. Highly recommended!

Cecilia Dobbs

Exactly what I needed: simple, straightforward information about our options and confirmation of the steps we would need to take. We were already in Germany when I contacted Sascha, so my only regret was that we didn't talk to him before we moved, because it would have eliminated a lot of the guesswork.