1 x Consult To Manage Your Diabetes
30mins per session
1 x Your Health Kit
1 x Your Sleep Health E-Book

Note : Once you make the purchase you will receive a detailed Mail or WhatApps Message please do go through it throughly to schedule the Appointment with Doctor & you will get Your Health Kit along with a free ebook in the Mail or WhatApps Message.

In This Kit You Get : 3 Things

  • 1 Time Consultation With Dr. Aniket Banvi :

Describing My Service During 30 min Video Call :

Discussing Your Current Health Condition & Understanding your pain points.

& Then I structure a step by step process for Your Health & Lifestyle Change…To Walk From Illness To Wellness.

Once you purchase you will receive a mail or whatapp message in which there is a link to Book the Appointment or "Schedule" the Consultation with Dr. Aniket Banvi & Also there is a link to the Google Form in the "Mail" do Fill the Google Form along with Your Recent Health Report before the Consultation

These reports can significantly assist me in understanding your medical history more comprehensively, allowing for a more informed & effective discussion during our appointment.

  • Your Health Kit A Bundle of PDFs i.e 5 pdfs To Improve Your Health :

Your Health Kit - 1 : 10 Scientific Reasons Why You Have Sugar Craving

Your Health Kit - 2 : Improve Your Gut Health

Your Health Kit - 3 : Grounding or Earthing For Your Health

Your Health Kit - 4 : 5 Diabetic Protocol

Your Health Kit - 5 : Vitamin D

  • And a Free Mini E-Book on Your Sleep Health :

In this Mini E-Book I Address What's the Problem & Root Causes that is leading to Sleep Disruption & Deprivation, & I am Sharing You 20 Tips that helps you to Resolve the Problem of Sleep Disruption & Deprivation

I Believe "The Preparation for the Sleep Starts from the Time You have gotten up" - Dr. Aniket