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The main objective of this book is to help you in preparing and crack GAMAM (Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Meta) technical interviews. The prime focus of this book is to share preparation resources, strategies, tips, and a roadmap I followed that helped me clear Google/Amazon technical rounds. The book summarizes my journey like this -

👉 How I prepared myself for the GAMAM companies?

👉 What resources I used for various types of interviews?

👉 What strategies I used to master different topics?

👉 What roadmap I followed in months of my preparation?

👉 Which Resume tips got me to the recruiter's eye?

👉 How I tracked the progress of my preparation?

👉 My advice/tips on how to answer in a technical interview?

The ebook covers strategies, tips, preparation resources, and a roadmap to GAMAM. It has a complete guide to various technical interviews like -

  • Coding Interview
  • System Design Interview
  • Object-Oriented Design Interview
  • Schema Design Interview
  • API Design Interview
  • Behavioral Interview

It also covers various other topics such as -

  • Resume Tips
  • Preparation Strategy
  • Effective LeetCode
  • GAMAM Progress Tracker

It has a roadmap that plans 150 Days to GAMAM.

Wish you all the best. I am sure you will find this book useful.


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