Deepanshu Kalra

Ask me anything (May 8 9:30pm-11pm)
4/5 (5)
Topic: HR communicationWe will just be talking about handling those HR and topics like salary negotiation in this AMA (from first hr call till offer acceptance).


Abhishek Shukla

I had the privilege of being mentored by Deepanshu for several weeks in my job search. His guidance and support were invaluable in helping me secure a great job. Deepanshu conducted comprehensive sessions on resume building, interview preparation, technical skills, behavioral rounds, and salary negotiations etc. He provided me with detailed feedback on my resume and helped me tailor them to specific job applications. Deepanshu's expertise and professionalism were evident in every session, and I appreciated his genuine desire to see me succeed. Thanks to his mentorship, I am now well-prepared and confident in my job search. I highly recommend Deepanshu as a mentor for anyone looking to advance their career.


Deepanshu, your feedback was very valuable cause they don't really teach you how to build your resume in college and since you have been in the industry for long so the tips do help a lot. The 1 thing that stood out, which will also be helpful to others or it might be only me, that how you framed the whole sentence (under work ex) with me on the call, that helped me understand how I need to structure my other points. It was an amazing session. Thank you so much!

Kopal Soni

It was great talking to Deepanshu. It was like getting to know what an interviewer would think but also getting a guidance on what to focus on and how much. He was only focussed on my goals which is good. I look forward to talk to him again. Thank you Deepanshu!

Gagan Risendra Thakur

The session was fantastic. It was very well structured. Deepanshu covered almost everything from resume building to preparation and then answered all the questions at the end. He over-delivered.