About me

I am former finance man turned published author, counselor, and life coach. I have the zeal and expertise for delving into the depths of the human heart and safeguarding the valuable emotions that lie hidden within. Degrees like PG Diploma in Psychological Counseling, a Diploma in Modern Applied Psychology, and a CBT Life Coach Certification (Accredited), coupled with my experience in managing challenging life situations, enable me to offer support and motivation to those who require a helping hand. As a life coach and counsellor, I help people in: 1. Cultivating self-awareness regarding their mental health, 2. Enhancing their understanding of life and its challenges, 3. Overcoming negative mindsets and thought patterns, 4. Adopting a positive mindset to effectively deal with life's obstacles, 5. Self-Disciplining and pursuing a goal/purpose, 6. Developing their personality and self-image, 7. Improving their ability to manage relationship issues and 8. Understanding the quests pertaining to God and spirituality according to the Bible. I am empathetic, non-judgmental, and an active listener. I take a positive approach and maintain honesty and clarity with my clients, while also respecting their confidentiality.