Bijan Patel

Check Eligibility for UK Visa

Want to get on a 1-on1 call with me and have a brief discussion about your experience, career interests and check your eligibility for UK Visa? Book a call with me and I'll see you inside. The only reason to keep a nominal charge is to let me have a chance to speak with people who genuinely want to connect.


Dhaneswara Reddy

Provided valuable feedback and suggestions to improve myself in necessary areas.


Thanks for your time to resolve errors in Tosca automation scripts.

Venkata Saginala

I had a quality of time with you, Bijan. Thanks for clearing the doubts in Tosca. Looking forward to join with you again for clarifications. Tha k you for your support.🙏


With your technical expertise in automation, I got complete clarification of all my doubts Thank you Bijan!