About me

"Hello there!👋 I'm Anugrah SR, a cybersecurity professional and bug bounty hunter hailing from Kerala, India. With a deep passion for everything related to cybersecurity, I thrive on discovering and exploiting vulnerabilities in websites and applications. As someone who successfully transitioned from a non-technical field with a master's degree in biological science, I understand the challenges of entering the cybersecurity realm. Therefore, I am here to assist you in your smooth transition into the world of cybersecurity. My goal is to share my knowledge and insights with fellow enthusiasts who are keen on maintaining a secure online presence. I cover a wide range of topics in these fields, including the latest vulnerabilities and exploits, valuable tips for bug discovery and reporting, and updates on the ever-evolving bug bounty landscape. Additionally, I provide consulting services to empower individuals and businesses in strengthening their cybersecurity defenses. I am dedicated to helping others stay safe online, and I am always eager to share my expertise with those who seek to enhance their cybersecurity measures."