Shubham Bhardwaj

Salesforce Flows Consultation
5/5 (5)

Connect 1:1 with me over a video call to discuss anything you want to discuss related to Salesforce Flow & Admin stuffs.



I'm delighted to share that he provided me with an exceptional flow consultation. His expertise efficiently resolved my flow issues, and his guidance on fault errors was incredibly insightful. Moreover, he went above and beyond by offering to reconnect for the remaining time of the meeting. Highly recommended!

Sourabh Verma

Shubham was knowledgeable, patient, and encouraging throughout the session. They took the time to listen to my concerns and offered personalized guidance that was tailored to my specific needs. I left the call feeling empowered and equipped to tackle the challenges ahead. Thank you Shubham for giving time and give the best guidance to me for my future aspects.

Sakshi Shukla

This was my first session with Salesforce geek . I really enjoyed it .. I got all my answers cleared .It was nice meeting you 🤗 Thanks for the valuable and insightful advice which I will surely follow

Anil Jakkula

Thank you so much, sir, I am glad that I got an opportunity to talk with you. It's amazing the way you understand my scenario.

Rakesh Kumar

The session was really helpful with shubham.. I had lot of doubts and issues with the career path I need to take he explained me the different path I could take and which will be best for me. Thak you so much

Deborah Unuebholo

I've been on hunt for a mentor who possesses mentor qualities and of course there's no surprise Shubham exceeded my expectation. He has robust knowledge and great at explaining in a way that's easy to understand. My only regret is not booking sooner because I wasn't aware. Thank you for creating a platform like this.


Shubham took time to properly understand the query and answered with great detail. He also shared relevant resources for progressing further. I would recommend him to anyone who is starting or want to start a career in Salesforce.

Kizito Ezetendu

Shubham is a life saver. Has been like a guidons and a mentor to me and Top Mate has been a a very good place where we always meet and I gain so much knowledge. Thanks Shubham, Thanks TopMate for the platform!